East Side Ink has come a long way since 1992, when world-renowned tattoo artist Andrea Elston opened shop in the East Village. Back then, tattooing was illegal in New York City and avoided by the mainstream. The shop catered exclusively to hard-core body-art aficionados and developed a reputation as New York’s premier parlor for custom tattoos. A decade and a half later, Josh Lord has partnered up with industry veterans Yadira Mendez-Firvida and Jen Terban, to revive a NYC institution.

After a 6-year hiatus, East Side Ink once again takes its rightful place as one of the original pillars of the tattoo establishment; built from the ground up, and bolstered by the portfolios of some of the country’s most experienced and sought after artists. Our roster of award-winning talent includes Josh Lord, Jessica Mascetti, Jonah Ellis, Cheo Park, Caesar Bacchus, Angela de Rosette, Dan Bones, Ezechiel Ortega, Tasha Rubinow, Joshua Alexander Nonas and Teddy Ferrer. The recent surge in the popularity of tattoos has been accompanied by a predictable decline in quality. East Side Ink not only offers access to some of the best cover-up artists out there, but also has in-house laser tattoo removal services. Now also offering microblading. The address may have changed, but not the commitment to artistic excellence. Whatever your vision, stop by and see how East Side Ink can help you turn it into a work of beauty and inspiration.

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